Telephony solution for machine-to-machine communications

Our client's machine-to-machine infrastructure relied on a 3rd party telephony vendor to handle both TCP/IP data communications and SMS messaging. The underlying technology used by the vendor was phased out.

  • Extend our client's infrastructure to support additional telephony vendors on an installation-by-installation basis.
  • Prevent lock-in by using a new system that aggregates services with multiple cellular network providers.
  • Deploy an SMS endpoint (ESME) that creates and manages separate connections to messaging service centers (SMSCs) for both outbound and inbound SMS.
  • Develop a supporting set of interfaces for sending messages and processing incoming messages.
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs to provide a web interface for managing SIM card inventory to activate SIMs, track SMS and data usage levels, and provision SIMs for use in custom end hardware.