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We view technology as a means to enhance your business. Rather than starting with the technology, we begin with your business objectives and strategy.

Internal Tool & Die

We pride ourselves on our extensive technical experience. Our engineering team has been developing distributed and mission-critical systems years before the Web existed. Pre-dot-com era experience in distributed systems and mission-critical software includes:

  • A real-time pollution monitoring system in use at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
  • A document imaging and indexing system in use by numerous municipalities, states, and law firms.
  • A telemetry processing system used by the Inertial Upper Stage booster (rocket).
  • A chemical formula imaging and recognition system.

This experience has shaped our programming approach for web development. We use proven methodologies, established engineering processes, and industry-standard tools. We use tools and methodologies where they are appropriate. Just as we would never build a system without a good requirements document, we also don't believe in over-analyzing a project. Some of our tools and approaches for web development include:

Empowering Technologies

We build empowering systems that give you control over content and freedom from maintenance headaches. We give you the tools to maintain and update your own site. Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with tools to do anything from headline updates on a single page to full workflow-based publishing systems. Our systems will integrate with your other assets and eliminate redundant data entry. We can integrate your web site with just about any back-end or legacy system. As long as the system has a network-accessible service interface and a well-defined protocol, we can connect your site with it.

All too often, systems are engineered for a particular set of requirements without considering potential future needs. And while no one magical approach will "future-proof" a web development project, we believe in developing foundations with the future in mind. We architect for the future by observing the basic tenets of distributed computing:

  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • Availability
  • Performance

Consultation: Review and Validation

What if you already have a bid for a project and want help evaluating it? We can help! We are happy to engage in verification and validation consulting. We can serve as your trusted third-party to make sure that the solution that your vendor has proposed will work for your business.

Drawing on our years of real-world experience, we can make sure that your vendor's technical approach fits the problem you are trying to solve. By having in-depth meetings with the architects and programmers, we can assess whether all of the details have been thought through. We know what pitfalls need avoiding, and we know what to look out for when it comes to error handling, intersystem communications, and future-proofing.

You understand your business. We understand the technology to make it work.