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Whenever possible, we like to leverage established frameworks in our development efforts. The advantages are numerous, and include:

  • Frameworks result in more maintainable and extensible code.
  • Frameworks provide base functionality, which means we can build more in less time.
  • Good frameworks make it easier to write secure code.
  • Having a robust infrastructure frees us from "redoing the plumbing" each time, and allows us to concentrate on the business logic.


When working with PHP, our preferred framework is Yii. Yii combines high performance with a modern architecture, a rich feature-set, and a healthy development community. We like Yii because the framework is well designed, fast, flexible, and unobtrusive. We can use it to create solid web applications that solve your business problems.

Using Yii, we've deployed sites featuring:

  • Role-based sales lead management and notification systems.
  • Interactive puzzles that change over time.
  • Dealer locators, including interactive maps.
  • Complex reporting facilities that allow filtering, sorting, and downloading of data.
  • Intranet document management solutions, with role-based access controls, advanced drag-n-drop administration, audit trails, and sophisticated search capabilities.
  • Specialized product comparison tools with colorful graphics, interactive charts, and customized downloadable PDF files.