System Integration

Many of our clients have existing IT infrastructures that they need to integrate with their web sites. Time and time again, we've successfully designed, built, and certified robust systems to move information where it needs to go.

Our system integration experience spans a wide array of data formats and communication protocols. Whether your back-end system runs on modern technology like XML and web services, or 30-year-old techniques like fixed length fields and FTP drop folders, we will make it work.

Here are some examples of projects we've completed and technologies we've handled for our clients:

  • Helped a high volume wholesaler by integrating with their UniVerse mainframe database to create XML web services for distributing inventory and pricing information and accepting automated restocking orders from its resellers.
  • Integrated an e-commerce site with the customer’s 40-year-old legacy system to keep product inventory up-to-date and submit purchase orders directly into their ordering system.
  • Helped a customer build a front-end for an on-demand publishing system, enabling their dealers to create customized marketing materials.
  • Integrated an existing e-commerce site with the client's AS400 system to submit order information directly into their back-end, retrieve status information, and keep customers informed of their order status.
  • Integrated real-time stock prices, tweets, Facebook posts, and investor press releases into the Home page of a client's site.
  • Integrated various payment processing gateways, such as Payflow Pro, Litle & Co., and PayPal, with recurring billing cycles.
  • Integrated Google maps for international dealer locators, automatic geocoding, and driving distance calculations.
  • Integrated Google maps with mobile phone GPS to instantly find the customer’s closest location with no user input.

It's a big world out there, and you may have system integration requirements that we haven't seen before. No problem. We love to learn new systems. With our decades of experience, we will pick things up quickly and deliver the right solution the first time around.

To learn more, please read about one of our system integration deployments.