oulines of mobile devices

Web Apps

There are two ways to deploy applications to mobile devices like Android Phones or Apple iPhones: Native Apps and Web Apps.

A Native App must be written specifically for one platform or the other, is compiled into a binary form, and is distributed specifically for the target device (usually through an App Store, such as Google Play, Apple's iTunes Store, or Amazon's App Store). Because it is a binary, a native app can have excellent performance and low-level access to device-specific hardware.

A Web App is a special kind of web site based on modern standards, and can be written to target the entire class of mobile devices. Since it is distributed via a standard web server, it is not dependent on approval of any third-party store. Some device hardware (such as cameras) will not be accessible to a web app, although there are interfaces for a lot of standard hardware (such as the GPS). You have finer-grained control over end-user access to a web app, as well as the ability to update it immediately.

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