Karen Zilles, Senior Technical Architect and Principal

Prior to co-founding 1969 Communications, I worked at Magnet Interactive Los Angeles. I created application frameworks and performed system-level programming on dynamic web sites. Whether creating portals with plug-in components for MyPersonal.com or managing credit applications for Nissan North America, my twelve years of programming experience were a real asset.

Prior to Magnet, I worked for Rhythm and Hues as a programmer on the PlayStation game, Eggs of Steel. The challenge was to showcase the incredible artistic talent of the 3D artists of Rhythm and Hues on the very limited hardware of the original PlayStation.

At Compulink Management Center, I programmed three-tier imaging applications, similar to the web-based applications I develop now. I was sending images and logic across networks long before Netscape even existed.

At IBM I worked in the Computer Aided Chemistry department at the Almaden Research Center. I designed algorithms to perform image recognition of chemical diagrams. To transfer information from massive chemical manuals into computer databases, I developed a technique that takes a scanned diagram of the molecule, identifies bonds between the atoms, and generates a binary representation of the chemical. IBM received two patents on the technique.