web app on an iPad

Web App Versions of Dealer Locators and Sales Tools for Isuzu Trucks

We created web app versions of Isuzu's Dealer Locator and Sales Tools intended for users of smart phones and tablets.

  • Create Web Apps, a special kind of web site written to target the entire class of mobile devices.
    • Distribute via a standard web server and not dependent on approval of any third-party store
    • Works on all modern web-capable phones and tablets: iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets.
    • Has the same performance as a Native App
  • Avoids patent issues by simply being a special web page
    • Does not technically reside on the mobile device (although it appears to the end user as if it does)
  • Can make immediate updates without having to submit them to Apple or Google and waiting for them to propagate
  • Uses a single codebase, so there is less maintenance overhead to support the locator